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Most e-bikers don't think they need any skills training because they don't want to race and training is something you do for competition. This couldn't be any further from the truth, poor technical skills exist is both worlds. Recreational riders and even the ultra competitive racers without good bike handling skills can get away with it for a long time until that moment arrives when they don't know what to do. It could be as simple as crossing railroad tracks, braking and swerving to avoid another rider or accidental contact with a fellow cyclist. All of these can and should be practiced at least once in your cycling career.


I use coaching techniques such as visualization, goal setting, focus, and self-talk to help athletes learn and retain new skills. Focusing on the "Why" you have to do something is just as important as the "How". Every action has a reaction. There is a feel, look and even a sound to riding off road. Sharpening these senses will keep you always a step ahead of potential disasters.

For Who?

-New riders on their first ebike.

-Cyclists that want to ride safely on roads and in traffic.

-Experienced riders that want to join group rides. 

-E-bikers that are coming 

back from injury and need to build confidence.

-Anyone who hates crashing. 

For What?

-Commuting in town

-riding in groups

-Bike touring

-learning how to ride out of the saddle, perfecting your pedal stroke, looking back without weaving, etc...

-understanding the biomechanics of cycling


Don't let mediocre skills hold you back from riding all the amazing roads this world has to offer.  

Injuries suck and we can't wrap ourselves in bubble wrap. Get good skills fast and keep doing it forever.

Cycling is one of the best things you can do for your physical health and metal state. 


Most of the small group or private clinics will be taught near my home base in upstate New York. Book a course below and we'll figure out a day and time that works for the both of us. I am also available to travel to your location, but all expenses and travel time will have to be added. There will be some out of state clinics every year posted on the events tab. Please sign up to my email list to find out where I'll be next. 

Find out where I'll be next

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E-bike Skills Coaching

Taught locally or *where you are.
(*travel expenses and travel time will have to be added)

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