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This is for new riders or if you have been riding a little, but never really got into amazing shape.

This plan slowy increases the cycling volume from 4 hours in week one, to 8 hours in week four.

(If you are already training at higher volume than the 4 hours, increase the volume by 10, 20 or 30 minutes of each endurance ride to get to the desired total volume in week 4.)  
This is a Heart rate based beginner "off the couch" training plan that will introduce you to structured training blocks. We'll have small and easy training blocks first, followed by rest and slightly harder and longer efforts building up your duration and aerobic capacity. 
Sprinkle in a little weight training and some Tempo/Sweetspot 75-85% of MaxHeart rate intervals starting in week two to building some momentum.  
We'll finish the last two weeks of the plan by adding some more pedaling and cadence training on the bike plus some longer Tempo (Zone 3) 75-85% of MaxHeart rate intervals to prime you for what's to come after your base training is completed.  

If you have a TrainingPeaks account or if you want .Fit files to upload to your device (bike computer,etc...) follow this link and purchase the plan on TrainingPeaks. 

Off the couch cycling - Base Training Plan -Heart Rate based

  • 27 page PDF file - 4 week overview, and a page per day 

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